I have no love for Steamboat Days and haven’t been back there since 2003. Something happened there to me that forever stained me from the fucking place. Almost like how it took me nearly 5 years to go back to Long John Silvers to eat since it was my exwife’s favorite place to eat. So, while everyone is out having fun this evening I have been sitting here all day bored and planning something creative that hasn’t happened yet. This is my usual phase before I make something and I like to call it the implosion before the explosion. I will normally immerse myself in new music for several days and evenings until I catch an image in my mind and take that image in my mind and expand on it. Believe it or not, I have spent the last two evenings listening to Marilyn Manson’s last two albums and that even surprises me because through the years I have never been much of a fan but of a maybe a few songs here and there, but this here could prove to be useful to me for some artwork. Goodnite kids.

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