artist or photographer

I think times have seriously changed in the photography world in the last 10 years since the first digital cameras arrived. During the “film” era I look at those photographers as true photographers, because back then you had to strive to get a shot right and the focus was more poured into composition, where now, you can lack a great deal when composing an image, yet make up for that loss by means of editing software. Since I began taking pictures, I have leaned heavily on editing my photos and often times over-editing. Within the last three years, I have pushed more and more out of the “photographer” aspect of things and moved more and more into the “artistic” side of it. That is the direction I went because I was drawing and painting long before I ever picked up a camera. When I say I do not want to take pictures for people anymore, it is something that I hate to say, but it is something I feel I need or have to do. People are fucking ridiculous and I want no part in that anymore. When it boils down to it, I am an artist, not a photographer, so go find yourself a photographer and leave me alone.

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