in just the blink of an eye

July 5th next day, afternoon


July 5th, evening


July 6th, morning


July 7th, evening, swelling down


A few weeks ago while in the house with a few friends I had stepped on a mirror and broken it after we had used it for pictures earlier the week before. They all said I was doomed. I just laughed it off. I never would have thought that just three weeks later my face would be shattered just the same. It’s all just a matter of bad timing I suppose. I hadn’t been down home to Missouri in nearly 8 months and I just wanted a couple days down there to hang with my friends and to take some pictures and do a little rock hunting.

Stupidity is a dangerous thing and down home stupidity is shit in the front yard that folks constantly roll in. I grew up down there and for the most part, I’ve spent a good number of years out running and avoiding stupidity, but eventually it will find you and it will smack you right in the fucking face for no good reason. Over the years I have come across a great number of stupid people in my life, but these folks were the icing on the cake, but unfortunately they do not hand out trophies for top of the line unintelligence. Myself and my two friends were just on our way home from another friends house that evening. It had been a long day for all of us. I had been arrowhead hunting earlier that day, we all went and watched fireworks, drank a few beers and were then calling it a night. I was looking forward to taking some pictures the next day and then getting back home to New London so I could enjoy the rest of my work vacation. But I guess that went down the drain. That night on the way home a car pulled up next to us with three guys and a girl, I didn’t know who they were, I turned to one of my friends and that is all it took, while looking away, the driver had already gotten out of the car and punched me in the face. All I recall is a bright flash when I got hit and everything after that becomes all fuzzy in detail. I just remember them saying that someone had been trying to break into their house or something and they happened to see us walking down the road. For one, the intelligent thing to do, that is if you were intelligent to begin with (a solid self-education), would be…if someone is trying to break into your home call the police and report it. You just don’t jump into a car and go kill the first person or people you happen to see. Although I am not dead today, but if I were, I would have died at the hands of another person’s act of stupidity. I am alive and now living my life knowing that just one simple walk down a road could lead to a number of unwanted possibilities. I used to enjoy walking out of my house with a camera in my hand and walking through a number of towns by myself taking photos of the things I’d see. So how am I to enjoy those things ever again when I do not know if the next person I come across is going to knock me into the next week, stab me or possibly put a hole in my head ? Do I hate the guy that shattered multiple cheek bones on the right side of my face and fractured my right eye socket? No I do not hate the guy. Hate gets you nowhere in life and it sure isn’t going to make my face feel any better. I imagine the guy is pretty sorry for what he had done and I am sure he feels pretty damn stupid, but folks stupidity is not an excuse for anything. The stupidity in this situation should be looked back on as a hard lesson learned and the best thing for that guy to do would be to open his eyes, pay the price, clean his life up and to move forward with one foot in front of the other. All I want to do is to move forward with my own life as well.

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