out of nowhere

I woke up this morning, got out of bed, walked to the bathroom and on my way there I got really light headed. When I got to the bathroom I threw up and now I have a headache from hell and this doesn’t feel like an ordinary headache since I don’t ever rememeber having a headache in my life directly on top of my head. My life has done a complete flip ever since that night I got sucker punched in the face and I find it just absolutely amazing how suddenly your life can be drastically altered by the stupidity of others. My face may never feel completely normal to me ever again because of it. I haven’t felt my top teeth since the night it happened, nor do I feel anything on the right side of my face and that may be permanently like that since I have nerve damage. I imagine things could most certainly be worse in my life. I could have been in a car accident and I could be either dead or disabled the rest of my life. I’d rather choose numbness in my face. But I still don’t like to feel miserable.

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