the not so good side

I’m telling ya since the beginning of this month I have had zero fucking tolerance for folks. I have unleashed a few negative posts in here as well and even the one below this one isn’t very pretty. A while back I mentioned something about a girl wanting me to do her wedding photos and I also mentioned that this girl’s sister never paid me for the pictures I took of her. So, why turn around and have someone else do the exact same thing again ? Plus, like I’ve done mentioned, I do not take photos for people…end of story. But, it’s not over with yet, this same girl last week messaged me on Facebook asking if I’d edit her photos from her wedding. Now, why in the world would I want to edit someone else’s fucking pictures ? Go fuck yourself, or go unfuck yourself, whichever works out best. In a way I have been fucked over by so many folks that I have started to lean towards an attitude I don’t like so much and that is…”you’re gonna fuckin pay up” attitude. It’s as if a little alarm has went off out of nowhere that is telling me…”a lot of folks owe me.” For all the fucking things I have done for people, can’t just one person do something for me for once? But no, I give and I give and I give and people just walk all over me and shit all over me. Well, I have fucking had it with that horse shit. Have you ever been punched in the face when you’re not expecting it or had your head turned ? Well, it sucks I tell you. Maybe it’s time that someone else was on the receiving end of such a shitty deal. Maybe it’s your time, maybe? Maybe you wont get punched in the face, but maybe tomorrow might be a really bad day and I am behind it? Maybe I am laughing. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I’m just saying. Goodnite.

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