camera tech guy ?

I get a lot of camera questions in my Facebook inbox and I probably receive at least one message a month about camera problems and issues or which camera models I prefer. I don’t mind it though, but I am really not much help to folks. I have only owned two DSLR cameras in my life. I have never used a Nikon camera before and both cameras I have owned have both been Canon. I see nothing wrong with Nikon cameras and to me both companies have excellent cameras. Canon does seem to be at an advantage because of it’s excellent pricing and it seems as if Nikon models are nearly always overpriced. I’ve seen a lot of photography shot with Nikon cameras and I am just as impressed and with any photography shot with Canon cameras. The both perform equally excellent. Someday down the road I may buy a Nikon camera just to have one and to try it out. But for right now I am perfectly happy with my Canon 7D.

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