no July

I have decided not to finish up my July video and keep my project file open to use in with next months video blog. I just didn’t have enough material to do anything with and the project I have only runs at around 1 min and 30 seconds. So, it looks like I have lost a month which sucks. I really wish that shit wouldn’t have happened to me on July 4th because that really brought me down and took my interest away from things. It’s difficult to accomplish the things I love to do when my mouth constantly hurts and hurts twice as bad when I am trying to eat something. It just really altered my frame of mind and made me moody and pissy. I can only look foward and hope that the dude that sucker punched me in the face, gets a wake up sucker punch into reality. As of right now, a refusal on his part to be on my side on the ordeal could end up having him face some drastic consequences. He is to pay my medical expenses, if he refuses I will have myself an attorney ASAP and he will not only pay my medical expenses but will pay for my attorney fee’s and court costs. The sad thing for him is that if he cannot come up with the money, they will start adding up things that he owns and getting their value for sale to cover the expenses he owes. Life is just a bitch like that. It’s time to pay up.

Next months video will be July and August.

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