Below is someone’s comment that I about spit coffee through my nose when I read it. Baaahahaha.

IF China went to the length to ever use that missle, well they could kiss their rice eating asses goodbye as it would be nuke time. Bunch of fried rice eaters. China is all about bragging and trying make other nations afraid of them. So what if they DO develop that missile. Would they have the balls to use it knowing they would be nuked on ? Of course not……they may be arrogant, but they aren’t stupid.

Fried rice eaters lol. I say go on ahead and nuke them fucks.

By the way Christina Aguilera is one of the most powerful singers in my time, but she has to be the ugliest fucking thing I have ever seen in my time as well. Just saying. Seen a trailer to a movie with her in it and just got an upset stomach. I’d rather pay for a hooker than pay money to see that shit in a movie theatre.

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