AOB- 10,000

This is the point where I can no longer take it anymore. I want to make something really huge, something so awesomely powerful that it dwarfs anything that I have made before it and something that will be watched over and over again, turning heads each time. That is the goal. There is only one downside, people. Having people involved in my projects has been a blessing, but has also been a blessing in disguise as well. Sometimes I ask a lot of half-assed folks to be in my photo and video projects and the ending result is usually the same…nothing ever fucking gets accomplished. It is something I have become used to over time and has led me to do most of my work solo, save a small handful of people. I’m also not much for when it comes to winning a popularity contest either, most of the people who know me today know me through my photos, but don’t realize that I have been doing other art long before I ever got a camera. I don’t mind so much when people take notice of the things I do, I just don’t like a great deal of attention because then people get the itch to “use” me and take advantage of me. If I make this next big one, I will go into hiding probably for the rest of the year after October, that’s just the way I am….always ending the year by going out with a bang.


What is it ?

It is going to be a Stop-Motion Video made from 10,000 single photographs, each one of the 10,000 individually edited, each single image edited completely different than the one prior. It will be a great deal of hard work considering the last Stop-Motion video I put together ran at around 911 images and it seemed like it took an eternity to get it finished, but I don’t mind. This is supposed to be the biggest one, so why not?

So here is the deal…

I am going to keep this completely wide open for anyone who wants to join in on this project. I am just burnt out on asking people that are a complete waste of my time. I am also leaving this project open to people of all ages. Shooting has already started since I am currently creating a Stop-Motion intro that will run around a minute. The finished Stop-Motion video will be in two parts, each part with a runtime a little over 10 minutes, with a total of over 20 minutes. Shooting for those to be involved in the project will begin in September. So, if anyone wants to join in, let me know ASAP.

If you’re looking to get a little inspiration incase you are curious about joining up, you can take a look at my videos posted below…

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