Stop-Motion video

So with the 10,000 image Stop-Motion video I am putting together in the near future I am going to need more texture layers. I thought of something else to try and use as well and last night I came up with what I am calling “ghost” layers. Which will be old style photographs blended into the texture layers as well. Also I am using ghost layers with simple artwork/drawings that will be very visible in the stop-motion video. I also found that using symmetrical type layers does not work with what I am trying to do, so any metal layers or certain types of wood layering doesn’t work the way I want for this. This 10,000 image Stop-Motion video is going to be one of the greatest things I have ever put together and the finished result will also be a 10,000 image Stop-Motion video that will be full of secrets. There will be thousands of hidden things in this video that a great deal of people will not be able to find easily. Shit, I am about late for work.

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