Sometimes when I have my daughter I just want to hold her in my arms and cry. But I know that I can’t and I have to be there for here and be someone that is strong. Sometimes it’s just hard to do when she is all that I really have. I just want her to grow, enjoy her childhood, do good in school, stay focused and become a good woman down the road and for her to not allow herself to become like myself or her mom. I want her to grow old and make the right choices in her life. Sure, I am looking way down the road here, but time passes by faster than you realize and the next thing you know, your little girl is packing her things and moving out of the house to start her own life. I suppose right now I have things to worry about within the next coming years rather than her at age 28 like myself, but I still cant stop thinking about it and the future. When I look 10 years into the future, I see a strained relationship between my daughter and her mom, I know that sounds pretty crappy, but I can already see it coming. I see my daughter spending her remaining teenage years in my sole custody. Right now she is just 6 years old and turning 7 in November. I need to focus on the here and now and be the best father I can be. I just have a few obstacles in my way keeping me from being the man that I am supposed to be.

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