no pictures ? no nothing ?

This has been one of the most quiet months for me in a while when it comes to taking pictures. Most of the photos I have posted up on Flickr were taken at the end of July and posted this month. This week I have put in 65 hours at work and will be doing another 65 hour week next week as well. I don’t like doing a great deal of over time, but I have no choice and I really need the money. Another thing, my back yard is starting to look terrible since I have not been home much at all and there are these really tall patches of weird looking grass. I might have to have someone come over with a rider because I am not sure my push mower is going to survive going through that shit. As of yesterday I have been at work for 8 years and my daughter started 1st grade as well. I didn’t even get a chance to talk to Karly and ask her how her day went. My ex-wife was just “too busy” helping her husband’s brother move. Things have just been adding up around here and it seems more and more as if people are just discarding me.

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