80's rock man

Last year Motley Crue had out a new album and a new single on the radio “Saints Of Los Angeles.” For the folks and fans that heard that song playing on the radio probably went and bought that new album shortly after it came out, but to find the rest of the album littered with disappointing shit. That new Motley Crue album sucked some serious dick. Over the years I have witnessed several 80’s rock bands try and make a comeback, but nearly all have failed. The only band that has had later success has been Aerosmith, but I don’t even classify that band as being hard rock/metal/rock/glam, more like light pussy rock lol. But believe it or not, the biggest 80’s comeback belongs to RATT, yes you heard that correctly, Ratt. This band released a new album that sounds like it was recorded in 1986, put on a shelf, and then brought back and then re-recorded for today’s standards….it is just nuts. Very, very solid album from several guys who are as old as balls.

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