a little bit

The wind fucked up our entire day of shooting. Our balloons started out seperated for the first 20-30 minutes but once the wind got up to around 20 mph it was all over. I also made a mistake and forgot to set my camera back to shooting RAW images and took 150 plus photos in JPEG mode and that alone can ruin a whole day’s worth of pictures. On the other hand, we’ve decided to do this once a month for the rest of the year. By that time I should have enough good material to work with. Here is a short piece that I threw in together with some music.

On another note. I have advanced into the Semi-Finals in the photography contest. Voting for the Semi-Finals begins during the last week of the month and then they pick 3 winners for the finals. Then, who ever wins that gets a good solid $15,000. Hell, I’d settle for just making it to the finals. This sort of stuff is really right up my alley. I feel completely free doing my work on my own without the bother or complete burden of doing photos for people. This just gives me the ultimate chance to put all of my imagination, energy and time into something that I love to do. Take it easy.

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