standard definition

There’s no of way of talking your way out of being pathetic. There is no excuse for it. My brother, he is the standard definition of pathetic, ask anyone and they’ll agree. My brother on the other hand still talks to me as if he has lived a life and I have not. This is the same brother who in fact lived with my mom up until his mid 20′s, had off and on jobs and complained of his debt which of course was from a few credit cards that was up around 5 grand lol. I’ve paid nearly 6 grand in just two months to keep my house to where he couldn’t come up with 5 grand for years and years. My mom eventually got fed up with it and just moved and left him there like a rotten egg, and well, a rotten egg he became. Instead of growing up and getting himself a pair, he realized that he couldn’t take care of himself without his mom around. Thus leading to him rarely taking a bath because he never had any water because he was too busy spending money on highschool girls instead of paying his utility bills. Then he’d live without electricity and gas as well, yet some how he went out and bought a Chrysler Crossfire. And well it was this same dude, my pathetic ass brother that would some how lecture me on how to live my life, all while he was the one pissing in plastic jugs because he didn’t have a working toilet in his house. There is so much more I can go into detail about, but of course this does happen to be my own brother I am talking about here and although I got into an argument with him the other day, I still love him no matter how pathetic he is. But one thing that I keep in mind, is that I know pathetic when I see it and I call it as it is. If I think you’re pathetic, than chances are, you are and there isn’t any way of talking yourself out of it. The only way to come to grips with it is to accept it.

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