no smoking ?

Work changed my medical insurance stuff around this year and to me it’s more like they fucked it up more than ever. Like usual it will go up in weekly cost but this year they’ve decided to additionally charge smokers a seperate $10 weekly fee. It just isn’t worth it and it never has been because I fucking hate smoking believe it or not. If I were to keep going as a smoker, it would cost me upwards to around $220 a month to satisfy a dirty and nasty habit. I have half a carton of cigarettes left and once that is finished, I am done. It will absolutely drive me to insanity quitting, but I have to do it, I have to make it. Karly will be very happy about it all though. I just know that I will gain upwards to around 15 to 25 lbs within about a half a year and I atleast know for a fact that those 25 lbs wont be fat lol.

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