building a lens arsenal

As of right now I have two lenses for my Canon 7D, a Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 and a Canon 50mm 1.8. I had a third lens, a Canon 70-300mm that I gave away. I had only used it a few times anyways. I am putting my Tamron 17-50mm away for the fall and winter because of its outer zoom which sucks lots of dust directly into the lens, that is the bitch about zoom lenses and that is why I am pulling away from them all together, unless I have the money for an internal zoom lens. I am sticking with my 50mm for the winter because although it is what’s considered an L series lens, it isn’t built worth a shit, so if I am going to sacrafice a lens in the cold, that is the one. My next two lenses of choice are the Tamron 10-24mm 3.5 wide angle lens and the Canon 85mm 1.8 which is a thing of beauty. I want the Tamron lens for landscape photos and the 85mm for anything because that lens is just neat. Since I am not doing photos for people, I have the luxury of having fun with different types of lenses and playing around with them as I like. For so long I have wanted an external flash for my 7D, but since I am not worrying about people much in my photos, I really have no need for one and plus I have good and fast glass on my camera anyways, oh and the 7D is a beast as it is. So, by next year I should have 4 solid lenses for my camera. Then in 2012 if I am not dead, I will start looking into the Canon 7D Mark II. By the time the 7D Mk II comes out, there will already be a 5D Mk III and possibly a new Canon camera series, the 3D. Could be interesting.

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  1. Summer says:

    I didn’t understand a thing that this said…..:)

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