how it all began

Towards the end of 2006 and going into 2007 I became more interested in photography. All I had at the time was a little black Samsung 6 megapixel camera which at the time I loved, but I still wanted something more. I would spend evenings back then on a website known now as FLICKR and would spend hours browsing photos and getting inspired and that one website is where my love for photography grew. From the very get-go I despised professional photographers and especially the local ones because from what I could see, the backyard photographer was indeed the better artist and that is what I wanted to become. I remember once being inspired by a young kid’s work in 2007, his name was Cody Weber, but as the year passed and I finally owned my very own DSLR camera, I felt I passed Cody Weber’s photo work after my first month of owning my camera. I had a great deal of confidence from the very start and quite honestly have never looked back and look at photography as a whole, being easy and coming easy. I found Cody Weber recently on Tumblr and of course, his shit still sucks or has gotten much worse, whichever. I will note that another kid that inspired me then and still does to this very day is Brandon Wickenkamp. His work is purely awesome and he is one of the better portrait photographers for sure. Another person of mention is Rodney Harvey who lives close to where I grew up. He does a lot of old and abandoned house photography and has very a great deal of knowledge of the history of things around the area. As for the others, they are all of my friends on Flickr and pretty much every single person that is on Flickr altogether. Speaking of Flickr, I just renewed my pro account today and got a free photo book, I should get it in a few days!

One thing that I have learned though the past few years is that nobody is really going to inspire you more than yourself. I went through a lot of trial and errors and I took a lot of bad photos in order to learn how to take good photos. When I look through my work, I see no distinct style that seperates me from others, but I do see a variety and keeping a variety and assortment of work has been what has kept me at it for so long now. One thing that has always been my source of good fuel for art has been my way of turning negatives in my own life into positive results. That is why I always say…“Negativity is creativity” because that is how it has always worked out for me. If you destroy me, I will come back twice as better as before. I just cant wait to get the projects that I have started finished and posted. I am waiting on a lens hood and a UV lens filter to come in and after that I should be ready to rock and roll man.

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