get out

Karly got to ride a horse out at her grandpa’s and through all the horse poop piles I stumbled upon this laying in the grass.


I just noticed a certain visitor has come in here today to keep up on my life. That is why I love things in here, because you can see who is coming and who is going and where they are coming from. This particular visitor though who happens to dislike me so much, yet at the same time loves to keep up on my life, when in fact I don’t keep up with this person’s life or their online activities. I severed that connection a few weeks ago. So, how hard is it for you to just go away ? Here I am, a man that was obviously not good enough for you, yet you seem totally infatuated with me ? So what the fuck is it ? What is your malfunction ? Are you ok ? Because I am perfectly fine and content with happy days on the horizon but you, well you just don’t seem to want to go away.

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