new location ?

I love, period. It’s a well organized place for an artist to showcase their work. My only drawback is that I have a couple of unwanted visitors that I feel shouldn’t be digging into my life. The same thing goes with my Flickr photos or my photography as a whole…and I don’t mind people liking my work, I just don’t want to hear folks asking me constantly to do photos for them when they know that I don’t have interests in that area anymore. I’ve removed a previous blog I had in here once and I really have no desire to remove the one I currently have. To me, my blog is my very personal space and I’ve been blogging or journal writing since 2001 and I don’t think I will ever stop doing it. But to keep things in here the way I want them and to be under a veil of privacy from unwanted visitors, I am more than likely going to be deleting this account and opening a new one that will not be listed in the directory or in online searches. Over and out.

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