there once was a time

From 2007-09 I edited nearly 75% of my photos while under the influence of alcohol. Nearly all of that work at the time was by far my best. 2007 and 08 were both years I spent exploring with photoshop and sometimes going to extremes and over doing it. In 2009 I slowed down on the over-editing and tried sticking with a standard editing format for most of that year. Come 2010 I wanted to change things and focused completely on composition and color, and all without alcohol being involved. So tonight on the last night of 2010, I am beginning my new photography journey and in 2011, I am going to stick with composition and color and I am going to do extreme photoshop and I am going to put everything I have into it. I edited these photos tonight while drinking too by the way.

Masters Of The Universe

Bed Time Story


So, here is to 2011…it is going to be an awesome and creative ride. Buckle up.

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