Top 30 2007-2010

I figured I’d take some time, browse my Flickr page and post my favorite 30 photos from 2007-2010.

1. Grounded


Yes, my current favorite is my most recent photo. (Subject-Marcus Lane)To me this is a very provoking and personal image and took me hours to complete. It also happens to be my most under rated photo as well.

2. Reach


A photo from 2009 reworked in 2010. This was a photo I submitted into a photo contest in the fall and nearly won.

3. Where Was I ?

2010 was a rough year, this one single image sums it all up.

4. Rise Up

Stephen Whitey Coleman has been my partner in crime for a while now and we are always coming up with some really neat stuff. This photo took hours to post process, but very well worth the time.

5. Butterfly and Ant

2010 was by far my most colorful year. I love this photo.

6. Doll House

I spent a day with a friend named Greg Trelstadt and we found this awesome house.

7. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, Brittany Fritz.

8. In Need Of A Shave

I just know that a few years from now, my daughter will soon become my new photographic partner in crime and will be taking pictures herself.

9. Vile


Over the years I have taken countless creepy photos, this is just one of my most disturbing out of many.

10. August Evening


This photo of a spider was in the Hawkeye Newspaper for Citizen Snapshot. 🙂

11. Dumas Tunnel


Myself and Mark Boatman have went on many adventures down home, this is one of my favorite photos from one such adventure.

12. I’m A Window

I can’t remember what I had written into this photo, oh well, but it’s still a favorite.

13. Old Car


This was one fun day to take photos. This photo is also in the band BLACK LAB’s video “Pictures Of People.” The video is below…

14. Holding Us Together

From 2008, this is Amy Strothman and this photo marks a beginning for me working with textures and multiple colors. This photo went for $150 at an auction the following year.

15. Give You The Creeps


Amy Strothman’s ex-boyfriend replaces her reflection in the glass. This photo is at the same time very personal as well being that the writing layer is part of a note my dad had written when my mom was sleeping around with another man.

16. Full Deck

This is my most viewed photo ever on Flickr and it has stood there since the day it was posted. This photo is also on my Myspace account and has been viewed a lot of times on there, a lot of perverts out there I suppose lol. I miss Amy, she was so fun to shoot.

17. Round One


This is from 2008 and was me and Whitey’s first attempt or go around at our Mime concept. This image is very over-exposed, but I didn’t care at the time, nor do I now, I still love it.

18. Doll

I have taken lots and lots of photos of Karly over the years, but this one will always stand the test of time.

19. Nice Shot

nice shot

I’ve never been great when it has come to relationships with god or jesus for that matter. I got my message across well.

20. Wolfy


The original of this photo was a badly blurred image and somehow I managed to get a wolf out of it, ha.

21. Mirror, Mirror.


This picture is still hanging on my wall in my living room. Alison Horn, 2008.

22. Maggots


How to piss off a parent? Take photos of her daughter in a bathtub filled with fake blood and then photoshop some maggots pouring out of her mouth. Nice.

23. VFW


Taken at Baughman Cemetery in Illinois on Memorial Day 2008.

24. Lunch


I took a lot of self-portraits in 2008. I am still wanting to tackle a zombie photo shoot, just can’t find anybody that would be interested.

25. Karly


Karly looks so darn little in that photo.

26. Streaks


This was taken in October 2010 at the East Lake Park overpass outside of Mt. Pleasant IA. I spent 2 hours up there taking pictures of the traffic. I could have made a whole top list just out of 2010 photos alone, but I really felt I should pick them evenly out over the years.

27. Red

Amy Lynn

It seems so long ago that this was once my most prized and favorite photograph I had taken. This is Amy Strothman from 2007 and was one of the first photo sets I ever did.

28. Adrian

J. Coleman

This is from 2007 and is a photo of Jonathan Coleman. This is the first photo set I had ever done with anybody before. This is also the very first photo I ever uploaded to Flickr. I have a better version of this photo somewhere that isn’t pink and doesn’t have a retarded looking logo on it lol.

29. Bed Time Story

Bed Time Story

This is a photo of Marcus Lane, taken in December 2010 in front of the headlights of his car.

30. My best friend.

I figured I’d finish this up with a photo of myself and my best friend, Miss Karly Paul.

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