no debate.

So, this evening I was digging through my Myspace messages and it says I have 25 unread messages, so I started going through page to page to find where these unread messages were at. I ended up getting backed all the way up to 2008 when I came across a message from a kid from Keokuk, Iowa.

Your photos are fucking awesome dude. My friend says that Cody Weber is a lot better, but I think your stuff is far better than his.

Well that isn’t even a debate and probably hasn’t been a debate since the first week I started taking photos in 2007 lol. You can even go here and see for yourself, so start scrolling….

…or you can go here and look at Mr. Weber’s blurry, under and over-exposed mess he has going on…


I’ve taken great pride in my work and the longer I have done it, the more confident I have become and the more and more I am at a constant battle to out-do myself. It keeps me moving forward, some photographer’s do it, some just stick with something and stay. I like to keep moving. Here’s to tomorrow.

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