Camera Talk/camera remote/lenses/video

I cannot wait until I get my remote for my camera here in a couple days. I have spent a lot of time, too much time actually, researching which damn remote would work the best and ones that also had different features. The one I ordered does about everything that I am wanting it to do, mostly “time lapse mode” which will take a photo every 30 seconds or every couple of minutes if set up for it and I will have a great deal of uses for that since I love doing stop-motion/time lapse videos. The remote also supports continuous shooting which I do not use, but may end up using some day. Lastly, the remote does long exposures and works in “bulb” mode, which will continue to take a photo for however long I press the button down on the remote. The remote makes the “bulb” mode on the camera much easier to where before I would get blurry “bulb” photos because I was barely moving my tripod as I was holding down my camera’s shutter button. Earlier last year a remote was in my shopping cart on Amazon when I was purchasing my other accessories at the time for my 7D, but had to pass on two things because I came short on money at the time. I am glad I didn’t buy the one I had picked out then because it would have sucked compared to this one. I already got my 7D battery grip and another battery about a month ago and I was really wanting to get all of my remaining accessories purchased and out of the way before tax time so I wouldn’t have to spend that money on anything camera related and to put that money into account. Every year in the spring work slows down and I don’t work as many hours and I have struggled financially around that time the last couple years, so I really need that tax refund money to be in my account this year. I would really like to get one last thing which is a wide angle lens, but I am really not liking the idea of paying another $600-700 for another lens. The wide-angle lens I have been interested in is the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8, but it runs around $600 on Amazon, sometimes close to $700. Two other options are the Canon 10-22mm 3.5 which is priced around the same as the Tokina. Another one is the Sigma 10-22mm 4-5.6 which is priced around $400 and is cheaper but is much slower than the Tokina and Canon. A last option was the Tamron 10-24mm 3.5, but all I have read is bad reviews on it, so no. So, I may not get one at all, which I am perfectly fine with, for now anyways. What I would really like to get as a cheap accessory to my current Tamron 17-50 is a set of lens filters, specifically one that does IR (infrared) since my interest in ghost related stuff has sparked the last several months. But, shooting IR would require me to learn a whole new set of basics considering IR photography is a much different area than regular photography.

As for videos, my normal monthly videos are now a thing of the past. I might do one video every three months or just post the “raw” clips on my extra vimeo page for my friends to watch. Personally, I really don’t have much of a desire to do anything video related this whole entire year of 2011 and would like to pull all of my focus on creative photography. I felt that last year I missed a lot of great photo opportunities because I was spending too much time piddling with video and having a camera that does both and takes too long to swap between picture mode and video mode and I missed a lot of things because of it. So, my main goal for 2011 is to keep my focus on photo composition and color and to take a full dive back into photoshop and creative photography.

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