photoshop world…

So, for most of my entire winter I have spent countless evenings honing my photoshop skills in preparation for when the weather warms up. I am determined to make my Masters Of The Universe set on Facebook and Flickr be an entire year long collection with books covering each quarter of the year for the collection. I have designed nearly a dozen Photoshop CS4 “actions” for regular photo use for the year without having to individually edit a single photo unless I am doing some fine tuning of some kind. In a way I will be returning to work with a similar format that I used for most of 2009 where I used mostly the same photo processing style on every photo, but this will be different than that year by far, quality wise anyways. Most of the photoshop “actions” I designed are based off of my work from 2010 and will be used for just my regular photography sets/folders/collections. I feel this will be an easier route to take being that I want to focus mostly all of my extreme photoshop work on my creative sets I will undertaking this year. As for Photoshop itself, it looks like if there is a Photoshop CS6 I am going to have to upgrade to it because this might be my last chance to upgrade my CS4 or else down the road if I wanted to upgrade I’d have to purchase Photoshop again for the full price, well fuck that shit lol.

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