hello, come in.

In three months I have been asked to photograph four weddings and in three months I have turned down shooting those four weddings. I am sure there are many to argue with me that I am passing up on something that could give me some good financial gain, but it is hard to do something when you have a serious lack of desire to do it, which is exactly true. I do not want to take pictures for people, simple. I did it for a short while and it was fun and was a great learning experience, but no more. If I could go back in time, I would have kept my photography to myself and would have just posted my photos to Flickr and would have silently went about my talents rather than to have put them on various social networks like I made the mistake of doing.

Fine art photography is something that I love and is the direction that I am going. I look at local portrait and wedding photographers around the area and feel that in a way that my current creative work far exceeds them in a number of ways. To me, that is a confidence that I have always had about what I can do, considering I have little confidence in much of anything else in my life. There are photos that I have done the last couple of years that I believe a local professional photographer could not replicate or not even come close to replicating. This is all very bold of me to say considering I just picked up a camera four years ago. I cant even begin to imagine what I could be accomplishing today if I would have started in photography while in high school or shortly after. But here I am at 29 years old as a father and a factory worker trying to figure my future out as a fine art photographer. It is going to be a bumpy, yet confident ride.

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