I’m an Uncle now :)

Uncle Luke…bahaha.

This morning, Duncan Ray Paul was born. I am very excited about it. My brother Josh is gonna make a good dad and I am very proud of him. I was gonna post a picture of him but its on my phone and I don’t have my memory card adapter, it has gone missing, but I will post it when I find it.

Something else I have noticed about Facebook is that I seem to be losing at least 1 or 2 friends a week on there lol. Why fucking add me on there in the fucking first place if you are just going to delete me? I notice that some people just like to add me to see what I have been doing and then once they get their digging done they will delete me. Well, the thing is, if I find out that someone has deleted me, I will find them and block them so they will never have the opportunity of seeing me on there to add me again for no apparent reason. Maybe I am just not cool anymore because I don’t take pictures for folks and my recent pictures are too dark and disturbing, I dont know, but it is just Facebook and I have other things to worry about I suppose.

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