Well, I haven’t posted a photo on my Flickr page since the middle of February. The only thing I have really done photo related was a few fire photos, one is my background on my Flavors.me page, but that is pretty much it. I have been taking photos though, just nothing worthy of posting. I will say this though…and that during my absence I have viewed a lot of other peoples photos and found that the amateur/ “wannabe” photographers who are making money has become a serious trend, one that really disappoints me. I just want to note, just because your folks bought you a plastic replica of a DSLR camera like a Digital Rebel does not make you anything or anybody, let alone a professional photographer. Don’t get me wrong here, a Digital Rebel is very capable of producing some excellent images, that is if you are using quality glass/lenses because without quality glass…you are just another person taking photos. If you are not using the proper glass, then well…you shouldn’t be taking photos for money, it is just that simple. Also, if you do not have any knowledge in editing/post processing or do not know how to use photoshop (having photoshop does not mean you know how to use it) then you really shouldn’t bother and stop what you are doing and take some time to learn. I am saying all this because I have seen some of the most horrible shit I have ever seen and people are making money doing it. All it will take for some of these amateur photographers to do is to get an ass ton of over-confidence, do a wedding shoot for a couple and blow it and then, get sued for it…and trust me it happens.

Time to wake up.

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