yahoo…Nikon D7000 review.

Yahoo always has some retarded news postings. But one of interest was found today.

Normally, Nikon cameras are seriously over priced-even the ones that are a few years old, but this one is pretty packed with nice features and was released in September 2010. If I were looking to buy a camera today, I would be giving this one a few serious looks.

On another note, I will probably never own a full frame DSLR camera in my life, that is unless I win some astronomical amount of money, I am very content with my cropped APS-C Canon 7D and I believe that barring any set backs it will last me a good 4 to 5 years. When it does come time to replace it, I will not pay anything more than $1,200 for a camera body and I more than likely wont be shooting with a Canon. When I got my 7D, I ditched out $1,899 for it, blew another $700 on a really fast lens and have since spent nearly $600 more on accessories since I bought it last year.

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