behind Masters Of The Universe

I wanted to post the original photos from my Masters Of The Universe set (which is still a year long work in progress and will become a book of my most creative work to date, book available in December) and post the finished result below each one. A few I do not have the original photos to, so I have posted a step I had saved during edits. Enjoy!

This one took me a long time to clean up and had a lot of noise and grain in it. Photo was taken in front of the headlights of a car. I changed the colors and added light beams from an old photo I had taken from 2008.


Masters Of The Universe

This was actually a crap photo and was intending to delete it. But I have a thing about turning garbage into a work of art.


Bed Time Story

This photo was originally taken for a levitation photo that didn’t quite work out composition wise. After a few hours of debating I added a photo layer from the broken up wall by Paul Reveres up town here in NL, added some birds from a picture of Justin Mertens from 2009 and came up with this result.



Karly wanted a picture of her flying, with stars and clouds and this is how it went. 🙂


A Childhood Full Of Dreams

For this one, I was originally wanting an alien abduction type photo inspired by the movie Fire In The Sky. Once I started working on it, I turned it around and went straight for the alien itself instead. The ending result still gives me the creeps.


Fire In The Sky

I don’t really know what to say about this haha. This is very tore up and I mutilated this photo so much that you cannot even tell who it is once I finished it. The idea was inspired by my fascination with ghosts and my very own real Shadow Person encounter.



I was shooting for a moon phase here. I like how you cant see the other side of his face at all.


Waning Gibbous

This photo was taken while just messing around with a small 2 inch LED light and that is all that is lighting his face in the photo. It took me a lot of time to come up with what I wanted here, but once I aligned the smoke layer it gave his neck this creepy twist and I was finished.



This didn’t exactly go as planned. I am still unsure if I even like the finished photo and I may re-edit when I go to put it in my photo book for the year.



This was inspired by one of my Goosebump books as a child titled Say Cheese And Die by R.L. Stine. I dont think Marcus thought too highly of what we were doing when we painted up his face, but once he seen the finished edit he was blown away.


Say Cheese And Die

Inspired by my love for Star Trek. I spent a good solid four hours editing the shit out of this picture. I had never made a damn planet from scratch before using photoshop. I pretty much ripped my hair out while working on this, plus photoshop closed up twice while in the middle of working on it. I wish I had the original work here to post because after I was finished I thought it would be neat to show a step by step for someone wanting to learn how to do it.


Final Frontier

This is a left over photo of Marcus when we painted his face. I only had a step saved of the edit. I added a film negative I have of a space shuttle and put part of it in the background.



Fucking gnarly man. We had all sorts of folks in town staring at us when we shot this. I used dough for the ring on his head, blended in photoshop and then added an extra blood splatter from an old photo from 2009. I also threw in a motion blur to give it an action-like look.


A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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