sweet job


Come in.

I think I might just blog the rest of the night randomly. I don’t do it nearly as much as I used to so maybe it’s time I start up again. So, here I am sitting here typing this with Sponge Bob band-aids on two fingers on each hand, just the battle wounds from my long hours at the cracker factory. Another thing of noting is the cover by Hinder- “Bed Of Roses” originally by Bon Jovi fucking sucks ball sack. Hinder needs to stick to straight rock music, ACfuckingDC didn’t have love songs because Brian Johnson more than likely wasn’t capable of singing them, neither is the singer of Hinder especially when it sounds like he smokes 2 cartons of smokes a day, yes I said cartons.

Checked my book out online again today, and no sales but one, me. What sucks is that in order for me to get paid I have to make a certain amount of money in sales. Looks like I might get paid in 2021, that’s if the world isn’t utterly destroyed by then. People suck, makes me want to be a quitter and give it all up and piss it all away, not really, but it sounded good for a second. Honestly, I’m not quite sure I want to put the next one together or not at all now.

Yahoo news says…“Japan woman lost in Himalayas survived on bamboo.”I thought all people from Japan ate bamboo, stupid yahoo. In other yahoo news…Justin Bieber Meets Selena Gomez’s Mom, I wonder if her mom eats bamboo?

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2 Responses to sweet job

  1. dawn kirby says:

    hey you are super talented give it time have sum faith and your rite people do suck but i think you should keep doing it how many people can do what you do you should be proud of yourself and do what makes you happy

  2. lpaul says:

    Dawn, you are very super sweet i must say. thank you! 🙂

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