Some memories stick with ya…

…and some people stick with ya as well and you spend years wondering where they went or how they are doing. When I was a sophomore in highschool I had my first real girlfriend who will remain nameless and she was from a town about 30 minutes away. She broke up with me for my cousin which was the first girl of two that did this same exact thing to me. Well, I haven’t seen this girl since 1998 and I always wondered what ever happened to her. The strange thing is that I never really forgot what she did to me and it was so long ago and I just find it weird how things just stay with you over the years. I was just a stupid kid then and she was a really stupid girl. In the end after all these years, I get the last laugh after she added me on Facebook. She turned into a real fat piece of shit. Oh and my cousin, he was a piece of shit then and still is to this day. Hmmm, funny thing that is.

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One Response to Some memories stick with ya…

  1. dawn kirby says:

    i think you still want her

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