we are ridiculous


Some would disagree, but in a way our country and its military is very comparable to Nazi Germany at its peak. We have troops stationed at all corners of the globe and military bases where there should not be military bases and it is all, a complete fucking waste of money. I think the government is currently in a cluster fuck do to the massive deficit and there is no longer enough money to pump into the military and defense programs. And, while there isn’t enough money, a growing economic powerhouse and new world super power is emerging at an alarming rate, China which has loads of money to spend on their military…oh and lets not forget that this country has borrowed billions from China the last 10 years. So, what is everyone going to think when China decides it’s fucking time to collect?

When the US entered World War II our country got out of the great depression because of it. Suddenly factories came alive pumping out continuously for the war effort, and the US economy went on the rise and for the most part hasn’t looked back, until as of lately. You see, that same type of tactic does not work anymore as we have seen by the results in Afghanistan and with the invasion of Iraq. I am a firm believer that our own government staged the attacks on September 11, 2001 because the government fucking knew then that our economy was heading straight for the shitter if we didn’t come up with a good plan, thus we thought…“war is money, so lets get to it” only the results were disastrous and didn’t pan out the way it was supposed to. That is why I think this country is now sitting center stage in an attempt for global dominance because it is the only thing left to do because a couple small wars here and there just aren’t going to do, we need the fucking world.

The US currently has 11 Air Craft Carriers, all of which are Nimitz Class Super Carriers each one capable of utter destruction if fully unleashed and could devastate most nations on this planet. 11 ? Russia has one single air craft carrier. France has only one. Italy actually has two. But that is about it here folks. The US also has 18 Ohio Class Subs, some of which are capable of loading 288 nuclear warheads a piece. It just amazes me to no end. Here, we can’t feed the world, but god damn we sure can blow it to fucking hell.

In end, we are a country smothered in gluttony. The United States Of America, the home of the fat people, yes I said that. I should also mention uneducated as well, being that this country has a sad and declining education system. I know so many folks who are absolutely clueless as to what is going on with the world right now and some don’t even care to pay attention at all. It’s very disappointing, but there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. Oh well, I need a cheeseburger. Goodnight.

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