July 1st 2011

If I am going to be taking pictures of fireworks this weekend, a new tripod is a must tomorrow sometime. I absolutely refuse to be seen in public with the one I am currently using that has duct tape and electrical tape holding pieces of it together. Which yes of course is not very smart considering I am placing nearly $2,800 worth of camera equipment on it. What I really need and want is a tripod that used to come with those honking-ass-bazooka camcorders from the 1980’s because they were built really heavy duty and with steel rather than aluminum like today’s tripods. But finding one of them around is very difficult, unless I find myself scouring yard sales in every town in the state. They sell heavy duty ones online but who wants to pay nearly a $100 for a fucking tripod? Come on now. So, I think I will ditch out around $45 tomorrow and see if I can come up with some kind of improvement over what I have been using the last two years, we will see.

I am going to go to bed tonight and come tomorrow I am going to wake up whenever the fuck I want to because I have worked myself seriously to death the last two weeks. Today pretty much killed me and I had to stop in at Walmart afterwards and I didn’t feel like I could really walk normal…like I had a buzz of some kind lol. My feet fucking hurt something awful too, so it feels good to sit down and kick my feet back. Then tomorrow sometime I am gonna get the yard mowed and get some other yard work done that has been needing it for a few months now. Every now and then one of my friends will stop by and say…“Hey you need to do this, or why haven’t you got that done yet?” Well asshole or assholes, that is probably due to the fact that I have a real job mother fucker and often times I put in some 60+ hrs a week and sometimes 70 hrs in the winter, sometimes I don’t have time to sleep, sometimes I don’t have time to shit and man I fucking hate it when I don’t get a chance to shit. I hate taking a shit at work and I’d rather die from shit poisoning than to shit in one of those disease infested toilets at work. Shitting is a pleasure folks, atleast that is what Sigmund Freud said anyways.

While texting my ex-wife today she texts back…“We will talk in more details later, I am swamped here at work really bad.” Good lord, you work in a fucking office bitch and I am about 100% certain the damn office has air conditioning. She should try working in a real fucking swamp, next to 10 different ovens all fucking day long sweating her god damn nuts off that is if she had nuts. My ex-wife has never worked real manual labor in her life before and I can guaranfuckintee that she would quit the first day on the job where I work. She would puss out and quietly slip away on her first break and quit because she is nothing but a fat pussy. I might add that this is the same girl that used to live under my roof that would ask me how my day went at work and then later turn around and complain about how much I complain about my job. Good thing those glory days are over because if she ended up staying with me I would have eventually smothered her with a pillow at night and buried her corpse in the backyard, but women…can’t live with’em, can’t smother them with a pillow.

I get to spend nearly all of next week with Karly and I am so damn excited to have more than just a day or two with her. Next weeks weather looks very promising as well and wont be very hot. I just want to get out and get back to taking pictures like I used to. I want to photograph the little things in life that I miss out on so often anymore. Tomorrow late at night at around 11pm I am going to pack my backpack with my camera and stuff and hike outside of town to the cemetery and shoot some stars. I have some stuff to test out because after doing some good reading yesterday I realized that I may have been taking my star photographs incorrectly the last couple of years, which blows balls because I probably wasted a lot of good nights doing shit all wrong.

Well I think I am done rambling for the evening and it is time to hit the sack. I hope I don’t sweat to death in my sleep tonight.

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