good day

The Soundcloud website where I upload blog music has a built in feature that detects copyright songs, so from now on I am going to put in around 10 or 15 seconds of random sounds of bullshit to counter that crap. Ya, take that assholes!

Today was a good day for controversial photography. I always go into things with a desire to out-do what I’ve done before, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The last several creative photo sets I’ve done I have gotten a great deal of onlookers and spectators that stop, look and scratch their heads. The way I see it is, if I’m not getting your attention…than I’m not doing my job right.

Oh and the folks at the city office can kiss my ass.

Yours truly,

Lucas Paul


This photo was fun to shoot and fun to edit.

Quality Cheese Since 2007

This is a photo from the fall I came across today and really liked. I want to reshoot this same look but use an extreme wide angle with it and the same type of fence.


And this morning I figured out how to make some retro-cool fake polaroid photos with my own photos. Sweet!




Oh and I shot this last night down at the Lowell Cemetery.


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