early morning.

When Karly is here I always get up two hours earlier than she does, so I get a chance to sit here and do some photo browsing. I usually like looking through Flickr Explorer which will load tons of different pictures from the last several days that people have taken. I always see a great deal of inspiring stuff on there and it makes me appreciate the things I do with my own photography even more. I am glad that I don’t take the same photograph every time I go somewhere, or I don’t take the same similar portrait of someone over and over again. I have kept things different and have built up a variety of different things through the years. Even with a simple scroll through the last few months of my stuff here…


…the variety is crazy and filled with lots of different color and abstracts, some macro stuff, landscapes, night photography, people portraits, strange and creative people portraits, motion-freeze shots, flowers, animals, poop piles and even planets. I am truly happy with what I do and I hope to keep things this way. If I were going out and taking the same photograph over and over again, I am pretty sure I’d get bored pretty quick and I’d have an expensive camera gathering dust in a closet.

A certain area that I want to keep working with and continue to explore is night photography. It has really captured my interest since the fall of last year and I think one part to it that makes it most intriguing is that you are out taking photos at a time when everything is quiet and most people are asleep. I am looking forward to doing some “light painting” at night with some photos and doing some neat star trails. Believe it or not, here in Iowa it has proved difficult finding a good dark place to photograph the night sky because there is way too much ambient light from neighboring towns or too many country street lights. This area is far too flat and open and I need to find a lower area to shoot from.

Well, Karly is up and around so I gotta get going. Have a good day. 🙂

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