From now on I might do something different. I used to use a logo on my photos several years ago and stopped using it because I thought it started to distract from the image. This time around I am going to call it a watermark. I love photography and I love doing it for fun, but there is a point when you do have to draw the line on some things. Mostly, I have done photography for free but I have been paid on several occasions for work I have done, but this time I have something else in mind.

So, from here on out I may do this. If I take a photo of you, that photo will be uploaded to facebook and will be watermarked with a HUGE fucking word smack across it taking up about 70% of the photo itself, that word might not be very attractive, but it will eliminate you from having access to it, such as putting it as your default Facebook photo or re-uploading it. So, if you want the watermark free image, you will have to go to… and buy the mother fucker. Yes, buy it! It is that easy! I may even require you to buy a number of different sizes or meet a certain criteria in price. Then, once your purchase is made, I will give you a cd of the images afterwards for you to use with whatever it is you want to. šŸ™‚ Oh, and since I will not give out a copyright release, I will still hold the rights to them because you will sign something else that gives you the right to have the photos, but still gives me the full rights to do whatever I want with them…and that also means do NOT re-edit or crop one of my photos or you might get sued for copyright infringement, yes that shit happens.

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