You suck at photoshop…

…and more.

First, I like to note that I am glad I enjoy taking photographs just for the simple joy of taking photographs. Because once you start diving into senior portraits or someone’s wedding photos and you’re getting paid for it, you are in serious territory and if you fuck it up, well then you fuck it up and chances are…you might not get paid. So, good thing I didn’t fuck these up and someone else had the luxury of doing so.

Lets talk about basic composition and the importance of a tripod, but really we cant because this picture looks like it was taken in broad day light, which should eliminate the use of a tripod. So, you can enhance the eyes all you want and whiten the teeth all you want, but you seriously cannot hide the fact that this photo is blurry and out of focus. But hey, what am I talking about anyways…I’m not a professional lol.


Ok, so here we are at the second photograph. Now, before we would ever try attempting a photo edit like this, we first must need to know the basics of photoshop editing and that my friends is always key. No one wants a photo copied and pasted directly onto another photo, god damn. The girl is really pretty too and that is what makes this all much more of a waste.


I wonder if the photographer went to school for this kind of work? If so, I hope he or she didn’t miss the part where someone mentioned that it isn’t wise to shoot when the sun is shining directly over head. It brings out over-blown highlights and the shadows become hideous. It would require a lot of hours of hard work to fix this shit, but I am pretty sure the photographer wouldn’t know where to start in that department, thus we have this result.


Sweet! Another blurry and out of focus picture. Are we running and taking pictures??? I thought so.


Well fuck, nothing grinds my gears more than studio photography or in this case the lack thereof. First, lets duplicate our layer and grab the cloning tool and start removing those fuzz balls, strings, hairs and dingle berries out of the photo. Wait a minute, did you grab the burn tool instead? Well, that is what it looks like because I see a bunch of needless burning around her entire head.


In final, these are your so called “professional photographers” hard at work here folks. Have a good day.

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