how about a magic trick ?

So, at the beginning of last month I created a website where people can visit, view and buy prints of my photos. In a months time I have also determined who cares and who doesn’t care and the who doesn’t care far outweighs the who cares. Because of this my online presence is going to be dwindling down to next to nothing. I started by removing four years worth of photography from my Facebook, thus eliminating my own friends using one of my photos “as their profile picture.” From here on out, the only uploads I make to Facebook are going to be collages of sets with really small thumbnails. The good old days are over. If you want your photos, go to my website and buy prints. If you want a photo as your default picture on Facebook, go to my website and buy the download of the original. My webpage will not be renewed but it will not expire until next year in April so it will still remain active until then. I have not decided on what to do with my Flickr page just yet, but it is due to expire this coming November. I am thinking about making it completely private and just using the site to hold back-up photos of the ones I already have on my website. I have just really fucking had it with people. So much so that given a little bit more time and my website will be private as well and no one will be able to even look at my pictures at all.


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