I feel

I feel like I am always missing out on something. Like the Sweet Corn Fest that is going on in West Point for example. I hate working the weekends like this, especially when you spend your entire day getting your fucking ass kicked and by the time you get home you are too beat to death to do anything. Normally I randomly come alive at around 8pm every night which is a little too late considering I have to be in bed in a couple hours. It is such a pain in the ass. I keep seeing everyone’s facebook status…”ready for the Sweet Corn Fest” blah blah blah…ya you can kiss my ass.

For the last month I have seen three or four potentially awesome morning photos on the way to work and they are there for the taking nearly every single day, but no I just continue to keep driving and staring at the beauty…and the road. Tomorrow I might take my camera with me and leave about 10 min earlier to get one of the pictures done and get to work on time. I just hate the idea of leaving my baby in the car during work. Hmm.

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