the abrupt reconstruction of confidence


I am pretty god damn sure that I can over-compete (if there is such a word) with professional photographers when it comes to Senior Portraits. My ideas are endless and very spontaneous. Needless to say, I am a versatile mother fucker and a confident one, eh? I haven’t felt this for sure with where I am going with senior photos since 2008, ya its been a while. This wasn’t even the original plan/idea for one of her photos and in fact we didn’t even tackle one single idea that I originally had for this late afternoon. This is just a temp photo, one that isn’t as good as what I already have but something good to post. 🙂 I did however fuck up royally when it came to finding our way back to Geode beach. Instead of walking the highway back to the trail we started at, I had an idea to take a different trail back which led to us being on the opposite side of the lake lol. Poor girl was wearing a dress and flip flops and we had to cut through the woods, up over cliffs, through spider webs, water and mud just to get back. By the time we got back the sun had already set and we missed our golden hour by an hour lol. I felt really bad and I could see that she was miserable. Anyways I am gonna earn my money for these photos and they are going to turn out most excellent, so keep checking in for some updates.


Oh and those rocks were a real bitch to load up into a back pack and lug a good 200 yards to the spot for the photos.

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