this is awful

I don’t care if you have a little bit of knowledge about photo editing, but importantly one must have great common knowledge about properly composing the photograph first, especially when it comes to the simple basics of photography in general.

Lets talk about the rule of thirds. It is the basic golden rule and it has been used by artists for hundreds and hundreds of years and is still a rule that is applied today especially in photography. I did not take the photos below, infact I swiped them off of facebook and opened them up in photoshop and put in the rule of third grid lines to expose the photographers flaws and to use them as a poor example, sorry.

Where the lines intersect is where your subject or focal point of the photograph should be.




Almost had it right with this one, just a proper crop and this would have been great but instead someone has to pay for this lol.



The thing is, when you have a nice camera it doesn’t entitle you to be known as a photographer or a professional one for that matter, but what it does make you is a person with a really nice camera and that is about it. Once you learn the simple basics and keep moving forward and advancing at it and you make money doing it that becomes part or a majority of your income, then you are a professional with a really nice camera. But lets tackle them basics first before you ever make money doing it.

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