I don’t really think people grasp or understand what is really going on here. The rare-earth metals being used for light bulbs? That is more of a cover to the real story although a great deal of rare earth metals do go into light bulbs. Rare Earth metals are mostly used in US Satelites, US Military Weapons/Missiles and sophisticated air craft technologies, your stupid fucking video game consoles, like your PS3’s and X-Box 360’s, your computers and laptops, cameras and cell phones and the list goes on. So get ready for the price of just not a single light bulb going up but numerous other things too. Christmas shopping is going to get a little tough this year folks. China isn’t stupid, it isn’t wanting to back away from pollution because of the mining of rare-earth metals lol, it loves making pollution because it is the most polluted country in the world with ours in a close 2nd place. What China does know is that the US relies on rare earth metals for its military dominance and is looking to quietly shut the door because it wants its own military to rise up.

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