never again.

Back a few years ago I deeply admired a girl, along with her passion and dream of having her own photography shop. So, I helped her out and bought her a Canon DSLR, which is something I will never do again. Best advice, if you have a dream…go tackle that dream yourself and find out what it is like yourself and then save yourself the disappointment. The girl always went on about how she liked to paint and draw and just absolutely loved art and doing art. In the end I realized that the girl was not good at anything, but was however a fan of art and artists, but then I didn’t know that and I felt she deserved a chance. I think she thought that photography would just come easy and that is the first belief when it comes to someone new at photography. You’ve mastered the art of that “point and shoot” right? You really haven’t mastered much at all because that point and shoot camera has for the most part done everything for you, that is why they call it a “point and shoot” and not “learn and shoot.” Soon enough my belief is that she realized that doing photography was much more difficult than what she expected and now she probably has a Canon DSLR that I paid for sitting around gathering dust. A true artist has an enjoyment and knack for learning, adjusting, tweaking, adapting and evolving as an artist. If you can’t do any of those things than you best put it aside and leave it to the ones who will.

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