some change.

I feel that things are about to change with my photography after I get my external flash unit. It will give me a chance to master something new and to explore some exciting opportunities. It will now be a whole new ball game and in a way I will be starting over again and I am perfectly ok with that. The flash unit can be mounted on the camera body but I am looking more into using it off camera and with the use of reflectors. Once I get the hang of it all I feel pretty confident that my work will have a more clean and polished look. I should have gotten this flash unit a few years back but I passed on it several times and now I really feel that it will complete everything I have learned. I still need another lens because right now because I am down to only one. I am wanting one prime lens possibly the 85mm 1.8 and a super wide angle lens…maybe a canon 10-22mm….the Sigma version of the canon is close to $400 cheaper so it might be an option as well. So in final I will have one fast prime (85mm 1.8) for portraits, a walk around zoom (tamron 17-50mm 2.8) for anything and a super wide angle for landscape photos (Sigma 10-22mm).

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