work for your shit !!!!

Earn it, live it and love it.

There are massive amounts of “So and So Photography” businesses pouring out of Burlington and Mt. Pleasant that it has become quite ridiculous. It’s crazy because about 5 years ago, this type of thing was unheard of and now it has become a fad of some kind. I am not quite sure what to make of it just yet but I will get around to it. But nothing and I mean nothing pisses me off more than this…

I found this photo on a girls facebook page that works for Amy Bec$%r Photography (i wont put a name in here because my posts are searchable) and below this photo was the caption…

“Thank you daddy!”


So, dad went out and bought you a $3,199 camera with a kit lens or he paid $2,399 for just the body and pitched in another grand or two for the L series lens that is on it in the picture. That my friends is a Canon 5D MKII and it’s not a toy. All of daddy’s money on a camera that you will probably never know how to properly use! Well, I dunno about you but a fella like myself has had to FUCKING bust my FUCKING balls to pay for my own FUCKING equipment!!!!!!! I have rightfully earned the equipment that I have in my camera bag and my dad never had to suck anybody’s cock to get my shit for me. When I seen this I got absolutely irate and pissed off. There is a satisfying feeling when I hold my gear knowing that I earned my way down this path, nobody paved the way for me and I never went to school for photography or never had the fortune of learning from another photographer…I had no mentor…I had no Qui Gon Jinn or no Obi Wan Fucking Kenobi…I did this shit on my own and learned everything I know by myself. Why can’t other people do the same god damn thing?

In a way this kind of stuff works out the best for me because it fires me up and everyone needs a little fuel to throw on a fire. This inspires me to not be like the photographers that I mentioned at the top of this page and drives me even more to separate myself creatively from the rest of the pack. That is why I am now being inspired by the Joker from The Dark Knight…his words are motivating and inspiring because I am set to photograph some controversy. So, I am going to introduce a little anarchy into my body of work. Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos…I am an agent of chaos.

Just watch the video and consider the schemers the pro’s and pro wannabe’s. Oh and piece of shit site, you will have to watch the video on youtube, its worth it lol.

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