Almost exactly four years ago on October 25, 2007…I got my first real camera which was a Canon EOS 40D which at the time I paid $1,450 for and it came as a kit. Fast forward…four years to the present and that specific camera is still regarded as a gem and is still on Amazon for $1,185 with the original kit that I had. The camera had only been out for two months when I bought it and I was excited the day the guy from Photovisions called and told me that it had come in. The first night I had it I think it stayed in bed with me and in the morning I didn’t want to go to work because I wanted to play with it so bad, so I didn’t go to work and I went out and played with it haha. All I originally wanted at that time was a hobby to keep me occupied and to keep my mind off of the bullshit that was eating at me every day. I went into it without knowing what I’d really expect as far as if I would still be doing it four years later but at that time I took a few photos and I was instantly hooked. And so, my journey began…


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