on the hunt

I am currently looking for a web designer with an affordable rate. I am wanting to revamp or overhaul my current website for an awesome visual and audio experience.

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never again.

Back a few years ago I deeply admired a girl, along with her passion and dream of having her own photography shop. So, I helped her out and bought her a Canon DSLR, which is something I will never do again. Best advice, if you have a dream…go tackle that dream yourself and find out what it is like yourself and then save yourself the disappointment. The girl always went on about how she liked to paint and draw and just absolutely loved art and doing art. In the end I realized that the girl was not good at anything, but was however a fan of art and artists, but then I didn’t know that and I felt she deserved a chance. I think she thought that photography would just come easy and that is the first belief when it comes to someone new at photography. You’ve mastered the art of that “point and shoot” right? You really haven’t mastered much at all because that point and shoot camera has for the most part done everything for you, that is why they call it a “point and shoot” and not “learn and shoot.” Soon enough my belief is that she realized that doing photography was much more difficult than what she expected and now she probably has a Canon DSLR that I paid for sitting around gathering dust. A true artist has an enjoyment and knack for learning, adjusting, tweaking, adapting and evolving as an artist. If you can’t do any of those things than you best put it aside and leave it to the ones who will.

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why do people still talk about Favre?


People still talk about him because he is an NFL quarterback legend. Now, if I were to sift through all the Packers quarterbacks in their team history and choose one to lead my team, I’d choose Favre easily and why is that? Because Brett Favre was an exciting player to watch play and he added a real gunslinger grittiness to it all. During my childhood there was no one else as exciting as Favre to watch other than Barry Sanders make 6,000 defenders miss. I could probably sit in a recliner chair and take a nap during a Packers game today with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. That is not saying that Aaron Rodgers isn’t good, he just isn’t a great player to watch. In that interview Favre was correct with Rodgers “falling into a good situation” because if Rodgers would have been drafted by Tampa Bay, Cleveland or the Dolphins Aaron Rodgers probably wouldn’t be a starting quarterback today. Chances are he would have been plugged in right away as a starter and put “into a bad situation” and he wouldn’t have gotten a chance to prove himself again. So he was blessed with a West Coast Offense and stack of talent around him to work with, so yes he did fall into a good situation. I cannot even begin to imagine how scary last years Green Bay team would have been or could be this year if 2003’s Ahman Green was their running back rushing for 1,800 yards. That is the only thing that causes a team to crumble when it relies on throwing the ball. Dan Marino once passed for 5,000 some yards in a season plus 48 td’s and he could have put up more great numbers if he would have only once for one single season had a good running back. He could have even won a Super Bowl, but he didn’t. John Elway finally got his when he had a good running back for a few years. Brett Favre threw the ball to a lot of bad receivers in his 60 year career and infact he had one good receiver from 92-94 by the name of Sterling Sharpe and that was about it. (Donald Driver doesn’t count as a WR let alone a good one) So if you take off about 150 of Brett Favre’s int’s because they were by the fault of poor receivers and balls bouncing off them into a defenders hands that would make Peyton Manning the all-time INT leader. When you don’t have the talent you have to try to make a play and Brett Favre spent his career trying to make a play with the crap talent he had around him and that is what made him an exciting player to watch. I also find it truly amazing that the guy played for 20 some seasons and in the end was still more exciting to watch than Aaron Rodgers and if this is the case can you imagine how terrible it would be to watch Aaron Rodgers after 20 some seasons in the NFL ? lol. Emmitt Smith was a bad running back who is also the NFL’s all time leading rusher, but his offensive line was the best of all time. Can you imagine Barry Sanders career stats if he would have had that offensive line??? I am seeing 3,000 yard rushing seasons for Barry Sanders and a few Superbowls. But that isn’t how it went, Barry Sanders fell into a crappy situation with a bad offensive line and Emmitt Smith fell into a good situation.

Another thing that gets on my nerves is how these sports writers talk about Tom Brady and compare him to the likes of Joe Montana lol. There is no fucking comparison. Like above mentioned, Joe Montana was a fun and exciting player to watch on the field, Tom Brady is not. Tom Brady stands back there behind his offensive line all fucking day long before he throws the ball, with all that fucking time anybody can finally get open and anybody can put up some stats lol. Plus, didn’t the Patriots cheat on a few Superbowls during that spy ordeal? So technicall the late Steve Mcnair should have a Superbowl ring. I really hate the Tom Brady and Peyton Manning greatness talk because they are both systematic quarterbacks. I need to take a dump.

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The smell of October
the sound of loneliness as I lay in my bed
it all tastes bitter ya know?

So here comes tomorrow,
it’s gonna be the same as yesterday.

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mmm hmmm

I’ve been asked to shoot a calendar for a girl. All I can say is that its about fucking god damn time! Having girls in my photos was starting to become a thing of my past lmao. Best to get on this shit. A wonderful and prime opportunity! 🙂

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the rise of the fake photographer

I love photoshop actions and I love making my own photoshop actions, but I will never use another photographers photoshop actions. To me, that is worthless, lazy and cheating and not only is it cheating but you are cheating a customer by utilizing someone else’s talent and creative vision. I have fucking worked my ass off for four fucking years to craft a style that I feel is unique and my own and to hear another fellow photographer that is local talk about purchasing photoshop actions really fucking pisses me off and gets under my skin. I take a great pride in composing a photograph and I have a joy and passion for post processing/editing images and I love the balance between the two. If you have a fucking corvette are you going to spend the rest of your life letting someone else fucking drive it for you? Get behind the fucking wheel and start driving, kind of like getting behind a camera and doing your own fucking job. Sweet toilet paper, you gonna wipe your own ass today? I bet you’re gonna open up all them photos you took today and batch’em all up in Adobe Lightroom because your too fucking lazy and retarded to give each individual photo a touch of your own creative magic, that’s probably because you don’t fucking got any. Oh, but somehow someone else is retarded enough to pay for your horse shit but as long as you’re making a fucking buck its all good I suppose right? But some of us, the backyard photographer’s bust some balls and apply some real effort to what we love to do and mostly I don’t even do it for a buck, I do it for fucking free because I straight up love to do what I do and importantly I’ve accomplished everything on my own.

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the verge of disaster

My fucking job is really starting to get to me something bad. I have been working there now going on 10 years but this years stress is really doing a number to me. Too many things are going wrong in my personal life that I have to come into a job every day that requires me to break my ass to the point where I can barely pull my shoes off and walk when I get home. Getting around in the mornings has become more of a god damn obstacle than I can ever remember. On top of all the shit my wages are being garnished and because of which my house payment is so far behind that I am in the same exact situation I was in last year where I will be paying several hundred extra in attorney fees on top of the thousand that I already owe to keep my house from foreclosure. It feels like my daughter is growing up without me getting a chance to even see her growing up. It seems like every time I have her is another time I lose a part of knowing her and it hurts. She is also too young to understand the things that are going on.

I was supposed to go in this morning to my piece of shit job at 2:30 am this morning and work a 12 hour day. I said piss on them and called out for the four extra hours and will be coming in at my regular shift time. I am tired of busting my ass every single fucking day, no need to bust my ass an extra four. I am so fucking wiped out that I cannot get a fucking thing done the hours I am home because I am too fucking tired and sore to do jack shit. There used to be a time when I would feel guilty about not coming in for my over time, those days were over a long time ago. I have reached a breaking point now that some little thing is going to set me off one day and I will fucking be gone just like that and I will let everything come crashing down with me.

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